Kayak Fishing Boats (The Ultimate Guide)

Kayak Fishing Boats

Kayak Fishing Boats!

With so many kayaks on the market great kayak fishing boats can be a daunting task to try and find a good kayak for fishing.  Here we are going to talk a little about the different styles and features that can be found on the kayak fishing boat market today. Identify which boats cater to the fishing industry and why they meet the needs of today’s angler.

Style of kayak fishing boats

There are two main styles of kayak on the market that can be converted in to great kayak fishing boats, the “sit on top” is one of the most sought after and most popular. This style of kayak offers the a great stable fishing platform with most boats having an average 30″ width in the middle for a firm reliable casting position.

The other great kayak fishing boats can be designed around the “sit in style” kayak despite the obvious advantages of a stand up or sit on top kayak this style boat can be very comfortable and quite accommodating to the avid angler.


There are many options that can be added to kayak fishing boats many great features can come with your kayak but usually at a premium. Obviously the main feature on a fishing boat would be fishing rod holders many boats have the traditional Scottie fishing rod holders which offer a full 360 range of motion. Usually the 2 flush mount fishing rod  holders in the rear of most kayak fishing boats are not well suited for fishing rods and can sometimes enable the rods to get in the way while paddling to your favorite fishing hole.

Other great fishing options that can take your kayak fishing to the next level can be items such as a fish finder mounting plate, storage, and a really comfortable seat. Some of the biggest struggles in the kayak market is finding a great seat to lessen the fatigue related to sitting for long periods of time.

Adjustable seats, removable, and padded seats can be added to your rig allowing for you tailor the boat to suit your needs and last all day.


When finally deciding to make the decision to get for first kayak fishing boat some important things to consider would have to be the overall construction of your vessel there are 4 main creation methods on the commercial kayak market.

  1. Polyethylene
  2. Composite
  3. Wood
  4. Thermoform ABS

Polyethylene first came around 1970 and are plastic pellets poured into a mold rotated in an oven. This style of construction needs little care and is very durable and can take abuse with an affordable price tag in most cases.

The downside to this material being used in kayak fishing boats is that the prolonged exposure to UV rays breaks down the polyethylene and need UV blocking treatment in order to get the most life out of your boat.

Composite construction kayaks are mostly made of a blend of such material as fiberglass, carbon fiber, and high tech fabrics. Like full size fiberglass boats this style is sprayed with a gel coat and fiberglass resin to strengthen the structure.

Composite kayaks are stronger react better in the water and cut through the water much faster although they move faster in the water more care must be placed on your surroundings as this style construction can be damaged easier.

Wood kayaks typically found on the market are stitch and glue or strip style these kayaks can offer a lot in the way of strength but generally do not make great kayak fishing boats as there are very limited styles on the market to accommodate customization for fishing.

THERMOFORM ABS This style of kayak is similar to the polyethylene style with some slight variations instead of pellets plastic sheets are layered over a mold and two halves are created then joined. Also known as a seemed kayak these are reasonably priced offer durability.

The styles of construction listed all have the potential to make great kayak fishing boats some will get you closer to you ideal set up right out of the box others will need to be customized to suit your needs.

Brand Name Kayaks

Some really good kayaks on the market come from companies such as “Ocean Kayak’s”, ” Jackson kayak’s” and ” Preception kayak’s” these companies offer some kayaks that really set the standard for fishing idealize what great kayak fishing boats should offer their customers.

“Jackson Kayak’s” offer some boats that really have great get you on the water now set ups such as the “Coosa HD” a 12′.Kayak Fishing Boats This kayak is versatile on many bodies of water including open water and up to offshore. There is lots of storage very comfortable seat and functional spaces to accommodate your fishing environment.

“Ocean Kayak’s” offers great kayak fishing boats too such as the Trident product line in the 11′, 13′, and 15′ lengths with the Trident 13 boat offering great stability open water capabilities and loads of functional storage.Kayak Fishing Boats This kayak also has a reasonable price tag attached making it a great starter. The center console of this kayak can be pulled out to allow full use of the hull of the boat the console itself has a magnetic area for holding lures and other objects container to put tackle boxes and locking front storage hatch.

Preception Kayak comes in with the best overall cost effective price offering different lengths and weight limits in there “Pescador PRO” line up of kayak fishing boats.Kayak Fishing Boats The 12′ model can carry up to 375lbs has a width of 32.5″ allowing for a stable platform to fish from and still plenty of storage options for your gear.

Drive Propelled

For those who do not enjoy paddling or you just want to keep your hands free for fishing there are kayak fishing boats offered by these companies that have a bicycle style drive to push you through the water. These boats can be significantly more expensive than the traditional boats but worth it if you want to get to your  favorite fishing hole fast and with little effort. Well known brands such as “Hobie Kayaks” have their  “Mirage drive” which looks like seal fins cutting through the water. With a price tag of close to $2,800 for some models this craft might be a bit much for some.

Jackson kayaks offer a drive of their own on the Cruise FD and Coosa FD, these boats use a propeller style drive that can be tilted out of the way wen landing or paddling.

The Preception kayak company offer this style drive on their Pescador Pilot Pro 12 kayak with the wide body of this boat this drive can come in handy propelling you through the water with ease.Kayak Fishing Boats

Some kayak companies and retailers offer demos this is a great way to try before you buy the perfect opportunity to make sure the craft is truly the best kayak fishing boat for you.